Slate Roof Repair

Home and business owners are always on the lookout for the best roofing solutions that can help them with their respective needs. One of the materials being used by many today is the slate roof. These tiles are commonly crafted from natural stone, and through time, they may also need repair services. Mega Max Constructions is a company of choice when it comes to slate roof repair.


About Our Slate Roof Repair Services

Slate roof repair services vary depending on what your roof actually needs. Your commercial building or residence may be undergoing some rough patch due to indoor leaks coming from your slate roof. At some point, you may want to maximize your structure's curb appeal. All these are covered by our slate roof repair services here at Mega Max Constructions.

We understand that slate roofs are among the strongest roofs you will ever have. Its unmatched durability speaks bounds about how long it will take before it will need repair. Slate roofing problems, however, should not be neglected, and only experts must take charge of the project, regardless of whether it is a small or large repair you will need.


Benefits of Hiring Slate Roof Repair Specialists

Slate roofs actually give you limitless styles for your property's architecture. When you hire a specialist to take charge of repairing your slate roof, you will surely be able to increase your structure's resale value in the future. Specialists can help you make sure you get heavy-duty tiles that will protect you from environmental hazards.

When you hire specialists like us to work on slate roof repair, you can be sure to achieve results from the installation process. We will handle each part of the process carefully and securely, making sure that you will never have to deal with damaged tiles after repair.


When Do You Need Slate Roof Repair Services?

While slate roofs are designed to go as old as a century or more, regular inspection and proper maintenance are necessary throughout those years, in order to keep the roof in shape. Repair is needed whenever there are broken, missing, or cracked slates. These may also need replacement, but will not entail too much cost since you have already had the roof inspected right before further damage occurs.

Slates may either need re-securing or replacing. During repair, copper wire or straps are used to keep the slates in place. To re-fix a patch of slates, nails instead of straps are used. At Mega Max Constructions, we make it a point that repairs won't be obvious, because we value how much you love your property.

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Whether you are looking to renovate your home or build a new office for your business, Mega Max Constructions is here to serve your needs. We are experts when it comes to slate roof repair, commercial roofing, deck installation, and a whole lot more. When you hire us, we will make sure that you are involved in every phase of the project, and that we won't push through with the plan unless we get your approval. We schedule necessary inspections according to your most convenient time.

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